Comparison Between Gionee s11 Lite And Infinix Smart 4

Comparison Between Gionee s11 Lite And Infinix Smart 4

Between Gionee s11 lite and Infinix Smart 4 I’ve been scrolling through the internet just recently and I came across the new Infinix smart 4. It was exciting to see and check out, the price was really attractive, and I went on to check out the specs.7 My reaction? A Gionee phone could compete with this easily! […]

Top 10 Gionee Phones Under 100,000 Naira (2023)

Gionee Phones

Gionee phones have been on the Nigerian market for more a decade and they have had to compete with giants like Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung in the past decade but have slowly regained their grounds in the mobile phone market by having one of the best reputations for batteries and cameras in phones, although this […]

Gionee s11 lite Specs And Price Descriptions 2023

Gionee S11 Lite

Gionee was a brand that was remembered for its design innovation. Yet there was something wrong and the brand was removed from the radar. The company never turned away from experimenting in modern design. Now Gionee is back with a rejuvenated spirit and they are gradually taking the lead. Cost approximately 47,000 naira and let’s […]

iPhone 5 to 14 : Everything you need to know about the beloved Apple’s smartphone

In 2007, 15 years ago, If you had told anyone that Steve Job’s Apple company would go on to produce one of the greatest smartphones of all time, you would have been overlooked. Fine, the blueprints had always been there that the iPhone was going to be a successful brand, but no one projected it […]

iPhone 11 pro max price in Nigeria

The use case of Apple products in Nigeria over the past few years ahead plummeted drastically. Especially the iPhone. In recent times, it’s extremely impossible to take a walk down your street without seeing an iPhone on somebody’s palm.   While the number of used and new iPhones being imported into Nigeria continues to increase […]