iPhone XR Price in Nigeria.

After the iPhone 8 series, the majority of the world and fanatics of Apple expected an iPhone 9 series to come in. Seems Apple had other plans as they decided to completely revolutionize three major things in their Smartphone production;


Firstly, the arrangement of the series; Apple would go on to release a brand new series , and technically a very important, if not the most important iPhone smartphone series of all time, by skipping 9 and producing a 10 series in late 2017, but this time in Roman Numerals. The iPhone X was born, coming in 3 different types. The X, The XS and the XS Max.


Secondly, the production of the X series also brought something new for the IOS company, as Apple would produce their first ever Smartphone without a centre button, as seen in the previous series. This distinct change would bring in massive inflow of target market into Apple, marking an epic moment in Apple smartphone evolution.


Furthermore, the production also lead to the X series being the first ever Apple Smartphone to use a Face identification system. This strategy would prove a significant development in Apple’s Smartphone production game with crowds trooping in to try the first ever face identification smartphone ever created.


While the X series started off with just 3 different models, just one year after it’s release, Apple would release an additional X model. The iPhone XR


The iPhone X series.

The iPhone X Series


While iPhone 7 and 8 were dominating the smartphone world pre 2017, the introduction of literarily the best version of the iPhone smartphone came in November 2017. It was quite clear on what Steve Jobs and his team had in mind. Create a new phone with an extremely different structure from its predecessor.


The lowest of the X series at that point was the X series, usually in colour Silver and Space grey. Till now, the phone is deemed very comfortable and easy to use, coupled with its insane camera quality, far better than the 8 series.


The XR and the XS are quite close to each other, however, unlike virtually every other series of X, the iPhone XR is easily characterised by the presence of its unique singular circle camera and multiple phone colour.


The XS And XS Max are quite identical, with the same set of colour don Space grey, Silver and Gold. However, The XS Max is quite more advanced than the XS with a larger phone body structure and a slightly better processing power.


While all phones of this series are very impressive, and it’s use case could extend till the next decade, it is the XR, released approximately a year after the first three series of the iPhone X that we will be focusing on.


The iPhone XR

The iPhone XR


The iPhone XR might be a more impressive IOS smartphone than you think, here are reasons why.

Size :

With a 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone XR has a larger display than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus and the 5.8-inch iPhone X/XS, and it’s just barely smaller than the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, so if you’re looking for an iPhone that is just a bit larger than X and XS and smaller than the large iPhone XS Max, alongside being super effective, the iPhone XR might just be your best bet.

The XR is a larger phone than the iPhone X



The iPhone XR also offers a very impressive camera quality despite it having just a single camera lens compared to the others in the series. 

Single Camera of the iPhone XR


the XR might lack a telephoto/zoom lens, but it has the exact same 12-megapixel f/1.8 primary camera as the XS and XS Max. Apple says that on each of the three models, the camera uses an all-new sensor (with larger pixels) and it’s capable of Smart HDR,producing photos with “far greater dynamic range” and less noise in low light. The new camera is also better at freezing motion shots. Like last year, all of the new iPhones can shoot 4K video at 60 fps and 1080p slo-mo at 240 fps.


Face ID and True Tone:

Faster Face Identification on XR


while X, XS and XS Max were the first set of iPhones to use the face identification system, the XR was able to better this with the possession of a faster Face ID system than its predecessors. The introduction of the iPhone XR allowed Apple to speed up Face ID by adding a faster secure enclave and smarter face-scanning algorithms.


For the True Tone, despite using display technology, both XS and XR include Apple’s True Tone tech, which adjusts the display’s temperature to match the ambient lighting around you. They’re also capable of showing a wide array of colours.


Multiple Colours:

Smartphones generally are not known to have a wide array of colours , Apple’s own especially with most of the iPhone series produce before the before the X series and X series itself limited majorly to 3,4 colours. The production of the iPhone XR changed this, as it launched with 6 different colours, the first ever iPhone to have as many colours as that. All 6 colours are: Black, Blue, Coral, Red, White, and Yellow


Colour Black, Blue, Coral, Red, White, and Yellow of the iPhone XR


Other significant feature to take note of is the storage size of the iPhone XR as it comes with 3GB RAM, and a relative ROM of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB

iPhone XR Price in Nigeria

The iPhone XR price in Nigeria could vary based on the storage capacity {64GB, 128GB, and 256GB} of the type you’re interested in buying, and the quality of the device. Here, we will properly breakdown the various prices of the XR phone in relation to their storage capacity. so what is iPhone XR Price in Nigeria?


  1. Apple iPhone XR 64GB 3GB RAM : #260,000

  2. Apple iPhone XR 128GB 3GB RAM : #310,000

  3. Apple iPhone XR 64GB 3GB RAM : # 350,000


Once termed the best iPhone ever created, the production of the XR helps eradicate huge cost in acquiring the most recent smartphone, as it relatively almost does what the higher series can do, and quite cheaper than them.


The slick design also captures the mind, alongside how light the smartphone is. The XR embodies a whole lot of poise and class, and getting one would push you into its modest bracket. Solid gadget to settle for, you should have one.

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