The Top 5 Iphone Video Editors

iphone video editors


Iphone Video Editors

iPhones are still faster and able to handle intensely demanding activities. With this, the camera has also changed so that we can also take 4 K videos on these smartphones.

All of these features allow iPhones to manage and edit videos very well. Yes, Apple A13 Bionic chips power up the most recent iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, exceeding the power output of Intel processors on our portfolios. Not only can you shoot, but you can edit and post your videos from your iPhone today.

There are lots of iPhone video editors in the App Store, ranging from simple apps designed for social media sharing to high-end apps that you could easily make entire movies with and specialist apps for specific tasks.

Some iphone video editors are cheap, others cheerful, and some are both. Whether you want to amuse your friends or make a masterpiece, these are the apps we think you should consider.


ADOBE PREMIERE RUSH CC (Iphone Video Editors)

Adobe’s expertise shrunk down to a palm-sized video studio

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Multi-track editor: Yes
Filters: Yes
Export direct to YouTube: No
4K support: Yes

Automatic cloud syncing

In-app video recording

Free app has limited export options

Iphone Video Editors: Premiere Rush CC is very successful as a iphone video editors, with four video and three audio tracks and a user friendly interface. You’ll pick it up immediately if you’ve been using Adobe iOS image software.

The sound devices are particularly useful for balance and sound reduction, so that narration is still simple and easy to export for the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Within Premiere Pro CC, Adobe’s heavy-duty video app, creations can be accessed on the desktop.

Unlike other Adobe iOS applications, you can only export three times. Unlimited service is restricted. You will need $9.99 a month to allow unlimited exports and shares. Which gives you an iPhone, iPad and laptop license with a maximum of 100 GB of cloud.


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iMovie (Iphone Video Editors)

Price: Free
Multi-track editor: Yes
Filters: Yes
Export direct to YouTube: Yes
4K support: Yes

Supports file sharing via AirDrop

Compatible with Final Cut Pro

Themes and video filters


Iphone Video Editors: iMovie is one of Apple’s own iOS (and macOS) software series, which is an app for iPhone that you can download with a great video editor. While iMovie is more powerful than iPhone video editing, you may want to use more powerful editing software on your Mac.

The software is bundled with the current iPhone generations so you can directly use it from the box to make some amazing videos on your iPhone.

You can import and edit your videos and images to projects in a highly intuitive setting with iMovie. You can cut images, organize them on the schedule and even include (basic) transitions in the video.



LumaFusion (Iphone Video Editors)

Price: $19.99/£19.99/AU$30.99
Multi-track editor: Yes
Filters: Yes
Export direct to YouTube: Yes
4K support: Yes

Advanced effects (egchroma keying)

Royalty-free media included

Supports 360-degree video


Iphone Video Editors: LumaFusion is the first mobile video editor that lives up to the hype. It enables old-school multitrack editing in a modular user interface reminiscent of Final Cut Pro.

No other app is near the range of features bundled inside LumaFusion when it comes to the iphone video editors. On this list, it is the only app that is completely paid and deserves every cent. Not only are YouTubers using the app, but mobile journalists and professionals are also using the device, who don’t want to wear bulky camera equipment.

One of LumaFusion’s main selling points is its user interface. The program looks pretty clean without advertisements, and without intrusive pop-ups. What I really like about LumaFusion is that it allows users not only to edit videos in countryside mode, but also to edit portrait mode.

Not only that, without hiccups you can quickly switch between the two modes. It is useful since the app supports a wide range of video aspects such as landscape, picture, square, movie, etc.

When talking of apps, LumaFusion can support 6 video and audio tracks, including six additional audio tracks narration, music and sound effects, for images , videos, audio, titles and graphics. You also get a magnetic timeline that makes manipulating clips simple once imported.

There are hundreds of transformations and results that can be layered. It also contains hundreds of free-standing royalty songs, sound effects, etc. You definitely should purchase LumaFusion if you really need a professional grade iphone video editors.




Iphone Video Editors: InShot is an easy-to-use video editor with several apps for your iPhone. The software allows both images and videos to be edited and videos to be made. When editing, all the simple editing tools including cutting, trimming, deleting, combining, video adapting and more are available here.

It is also possible to add your own music or select your own free music options. The app is also perfect for Instagram users, as it allows you to edit Instagram-friendly square images.


The software also has multiple sound effects and allows layering of speech. Stickers, emojis, filters, effects, transitions, color correction and more are also assisted. The Inshot Video Editor also gives you the opportunity for spinning and flipping videos that are really useful in some special cases.

All in all, it’s a very good program for video editing. The only problem with the software is that the free version runs advertisements. I find it distracting. You will enjoy using it if you can handle it.


Magisto (Iphone Video Editors)

Price: Free (with in-app purchases) | Multi-track editor: No | Filters: Yes | Export direct to YouTube: Yes | 4K support: No

Visit site

Automatic editing tools

Can create collages and slideshows

Subscriptions are expensive


Iphone Video Editors: Magisto is a simple program for the video editor. You do not obtain any features like text overlays, tilt changes, etc. in your video with this app. But it’s simple that lies in the charm of this device. Within the app, your images and videos can be imported and a video theme picked.

A variety of subjects like dance, among other items, are available. When this has been completed, you will have the choice of adding music to your video and selecting how long you want to see the video.

At this level, you can also add a title to the video. When you are finished, the device begins to make the video automatically, and sends a message at the time. You have no extra degree of video power, but that is exactly what you often need.


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Quik – GoPro Video Editor (Iphone Video Editors)

Make the most of your action camera footage on your iPhone

Price: Free
Multi-track editor: No
Filters: Yes
Export direct to YouTube: Yes
4K support: No

Face and smile recognition

Auto-syncs clips to music

No 4K video support


Iphone Video Editors: Quik’sGoPro app for the iPhone. You can make good looking videos using iphone video editors with only a couple of taps easily with Quik. The app has the option of importing pictures and videos from your Facebook or Instagram photo library.

You will be given the option of applying the Hilights to the video clips when you pick the images and videos that you want to edit. You should however change the video and the square format. You can also adjust the video’s background sound, and apply a number of filters to this video. The choice for Quik to add a video title is also open.

It’s easy to reorder clips, change the formatting and speed up or slow down footage, and you can add the usual stickers and text. It doesn’t do 4K, though: videos are 1080p or 720p


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