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Where is the iPhone Manufactured?

Short answer China!

Apple sources its parts from manufacturers located all over the world. Back in 2017, Macworld tracked many of them down. We may not have listed every single company Apple sources parts from below, but we’ve collected a good number of them.


An A-series processor with a huge amount of main features lies at the core of every iPhone. Two firms are Apple depending on. One of these firms is Samsung, based in South Korea. TSMC also manufactures A-series chips, and is located in Taiwan. The company also works in Taiwan, Singapore and the United States.

Apple uses Cirrus Logic for audio processors. The Group has offices in the United States , Australia, South Korea , Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.


Depending on which phone you use, Apple depends on many different companies for its cameras. Sony has produced a large number of rear-facing cameras from Japan. OmniVision in the US has produced cameras for FaceTime, but it is subscribing a significant portion of the work to TSMC. Qualcomm also supported iPhone cameras.


Apple is turning to at least two businesses for its LCDs, because of how large they are. The first is LG, which has its headquarters in South Korea but also in Poland and China.

Sharp is the other manufacturer of LCDs. This company, which is based in Japan, is present in 13 other countries.

Touchscreen Controller

You communicate with your telephone through the touchscreen remote. This Apple hardware is provided by Broadcom. The company has its registered office in the United States but produces in several other places. They include India , China, Taiwan , Singapore and Korea of the North, Israel, Greece, Belgium, France , the Netherlands and the UK.

Touch ID


Facing ID is now used by more devices, but a large number still use iPhones that use Touch ID. TSMC manufactures this hardware in part, and tends to supply Apple with other parts. Xintec is another Touch ID hardware management service. The company has its headquarters in Taiwan.


You might know the term Gorilla Glass, used by the iPhone alongside numerous popular Android phones. Gorilla Glass is made by the US-based Corning. This is a different company with several sites, including Australia, Belgium, China , South Korea, Malaysia , Singapore, Russia, South Africa , the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Turkey and the Philippines.

Wi-Fi & Cellular Networks

Apple uses Qualcomm for the baseband mobile chip. It has its residence in the United States. This means that manufacturing is outsourced to many other locations in dozens of countries.

Apples Wi-Fi chip is from Murata. This is another US-based company with all workplaces. Those include the United States, Japan , South Korea, Thailand , the Philippines, Vietnam , Taiwan, India , Mexico, Brazil and Canada.



Storage is another key feature of the iPhone, and Apple relies on all companies for it. One is Samsung, which also supplies South Korea-based Apple A-series processors,

Toshiba is the other manufacturer of flash memory. The organization has its headquarters in Japan but is located in over 50 other nations.


While it doesn’t have much core functionality, your battery is one of your phone’s most critical components. You have nothing without it.

It is just part of the supply of Samsung, but it’s not the only manufacturer. Sunwoda Electronic, China-based, also manufactures iPhone batteries.

In recent years Apple has been having issues with its batteries, slowing iPhones down over time to relieve the effects of failing batteries.

Accelerometer, Compass, and Gyroscope

The accelerometer decides a variety of variables, whether or not you move. This component is made by Bosch Sensortech. The offices of Bosch are based in Germany. It also works in the United States, China , Japan , South Korea and Taiwan.

AKM Semiconductor manufactures a compass to help navigate. It is headquartered in Japan, but operates in France , Britain, China , South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

The gyroscope is provided by STMicroelectronics. With locations in more than 30 countries, this enterprise is based in Switzerland.



iPhone producers look to a global supply chain with their global footprint. Apple deals to send iPhones around the world with big corporations including FedEx and UPS. The 150,000 iPhones can be borne by a Boeing 747 flight.


Flying from Zhengzhou, China to Anchorage, Alaska where the jets can refuel is available for phones bound for the U.S. For phones. Most of them go to Louisville , Kentucky, to sort and re-route the iPhones to their ultimate destinations.

So, what is the output of iPhones? Though it is finalized in China, the iPhone in the pocket possibly contains assembled components from a variety of suppliers in countries

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