How To Get A Used Phone In Nigeria



Are you planning on getting a new phone?

Is someone recommending you get a UK used phones?

Are you thinking about getting a UK used phone?

First what is a Uk used Phone?

UK used phones aka London used phones are the phones used by foreigners. It is not only UK citizens but even those used by Americans, Arabians etc are all classified as UK used phones.

Are you worried about purchasing a second-hand phone? You probably have little or no knowledge regarding the various benefits of acquiring a used phone, we all have several reasons why we want to buy the second hand telephone, with money being the biggest factor.

It seems to make more sense to save money by buying a smartphone for half the price or less and you still earn value from your money, but we would suggest caution. After all, newly manufactured cell phones can be purchased that are quite expensive, but depending on your financial situation you can opt for a secondhand UK used phone at a lower price with identical functions and functions for acquiring a new phone.


There are definitely a couple of benefits to getting a secondhand UK used phone

Longer life: The fact that you can buy your secondhand phone is still fantastic because you can still use the phone for 1, 2 years or more does not mean that the lifetime of the phone has been lowered depending upon how you treat the device. NOTE: Learn to always buy a well checked and clean telephone.

Features and Features: buying a brand new phone and acquiring a UK-based smartphone does not necessarily involve different functions and capabilities, it is much the same telephone features, and the operating systems on both devices could only be different.

Pretty cost-effective: Instead of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 for around N70, 000, you can easily buy a secon

d hand Samsung Galaxy S4 with just N45, 000. It is one of the most significant benefits of a second-hand handset.

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Buying a uk used phone in Nigeria is quite a risk and involves a number of decisions that you don’t know about the previous owner and what he / she did with the phone if it is good, has a problem with the plant or has some hidden defects. Okay, you always have a chance in life, and the consequence depends on your firm decision.
Are you ready to go for an individual dealer, or do you trust a well-established retailer like Do you know if the seller really sells you a UK phone or a Nigerian phone? Therefore, you must make sure that you check all features and functions and know how the telephone looks in terms of the body, inside and outside before you pay.

The warranty for second hand UK phones uses up to 6 months. They also provide receipts and warranties. Most of us want reliable internet, telephones and everything else in existence. Live intelligently and take a chance.



Used phones tend to be fully functional and offer all the same features, but for half the price. Be wary of anyone who tries to sell you a phone online without offering multiple photo’s as proof. Popular brands don’t necessarily generate the best phones. If the phone you receive does turn out to be faulty you are able to return it. Many sellers may not mention this in their product description, so if you are buying online send the seller a message beforehand asking about their returns policy.

With that said, here are some places you can get a UK used phone in Nigeria

Physical Shops:

Computer Village


Op shops / thrift stores

Technology/Phone resell shops around your area

Online Shops:

In order to understand the appropriate rate for the smartphone used in the UK, you need to understand how rates are properly formulated. In average, the UK used smartphones cost 30 per cent less than the original rate after 6 months of use; and phones used for a year or more continue to sell half the original sticker price (50 per cent) and often more.

It does not always apply to every seller to decide the true price of a product, but as a customer it is a nice deal to look at. This helps you to know what you’re going to get in and get more bang for your dollar. The older the device, the less you’re expected to pay.

So if a product is originally 100,000 naira a UK  used version should cost you about 75k or less and if you are buying it 1 or 2 years after it comes out you should be getting it somewhere around 50k to 60k. Now this doesn’t entirely apply to all devices as some have more value than others and sometime the demand for a product will determine if the price stays stagnant or goes down (in the case of the Iphones).

This article hasn’t been written to scare anyone or shame Nigerians, it’s been written in order to educate so that no one falls victim of a crime they didn’t commit. Imagine going to airport and getting arrested for a phone that you paid money for,that would definitely hurt right?


Quick Advice for those looking to get a UK used iphone
You can check the model number / letter for the correct information on if an iPhone is brand new, renovated, replaced, or a custom device.

If the Model number/Letter starts with letter M, it is/was a brand new iPhone device that was purchased at authorized apple stores and has not been worked on, If you see N then it means it is a refurbished, F also means refurbished and P(very rare)is a personalized device.

Personalized devices are iPhones with extra protection, usually on request, but luckily, Apple also has some P devices on its mobile phone list.

I sincerely hope this article has educated you and showed you the best ways to go about getting a London (UK) used phone.

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